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  1. Hello, Someone has some personal photo of New SAT 2008 ? (425 BX-G or 450 BX-G) ? thanks !
  2. Hello ! Someone have an explanation between the difference between Europe model and Japan model about Casting Weight of shimano rods ? Prosurf 425BX with 100-250g in Europe Prosurf 425BX with 27-35 in Japan ( http://fishing.shimano.co.jp/cat/detail.asp?k=8003 --> japan prosurf) same rods or not ? same blank ? Casting weight in europa false ? Thanks.
  3. Hello So, someone have an explanation ? --> difference between Europe model en Japan model about power of shimano rods ? Prosurf 425BX with 100-250g in europe and Prosurf 425BX with 27-35 in Japan ? same rods or not ? Thanks.
  4. I would like to understand a thing : In europe for shimano rods, the power for shimano rods is for example 100-200g, 100-250g ... in Japan, this is 25-35, 27-35 . Example : 1) Shimano SurfLeader 425BX --> 100-250g in europe Shimano SurfLeader 425BX --> 27-35 in japan (and plat shop give 90-130g) (plat shop --> http://www.plat.co.jp/shop/catalog/product...oducts_id=1507) (shimano japan for surf casting rods --> http://fishing.shimano.co.jp/product/rod/rod_19.html) (surf leader japan --> http://fishing.shimano.co.jp/cat/detail.asp?k=8004 ) 2) it is same for prosurf or spin power http://fishing.shimano.co.jp/cat/detail.asp?k=8003 (prosurf) http://fishing.shimano.co.jp/cat/detail.asp?k=8002 (spin power) all models 425BX are 27-35 in japan, so in europe we have other blank ? power are not exact ? thanks
  5. thanks machado ! Just for info, a test with SAT 2008 (450 BX-G) here : 170m with 0.24 mm, 170g --> So, with SpinPower, we do > 200m ? @+
  6. Hello, Do you think that Shimano Spin Power 425BX is more powerfull that Shimano Prosurf 425 BX ? And what do you think about the First Element of the rod of SpinPower and Prosurf ? sensitive ? Thanks.
  7. Do you think that Shimano Prosurf and Spin power is better than Grauvel TC or DH ?
  8. Ok thanks Machado, and the Shimano super Aero technium 425 BX-G (model 2008) with XT300LRC, is good too ? better or not of Prosurf or Spin Power ? And do you know if "Shimano Prosurf 425BX" of Espana is the same model if we buy in Japan ? same blank or not ? And other question, the shimano spin power dont exist in espana or europa, so we have to buy in Japan only ? thanks
  9. Hi Miquel, thanks for your answer. I have a SAT 425BX (shimano super aero technium 425 BX), and with OTG (i m not specialist), i do ~ 130m with 0.35mm and 160m with 0.18m, with 120 gr I would like to know if a Shimano Prosurf 425BX, Shimano SpinPower 425BX or Daiwa Tournament Caster 33-425 can to improve this distance, and for how much ? if you have some tests ? Thanks.
  10. Hi Machado, Sorry, i dont speak spanish. You says that the Shimano Prosurf is better in distance of the Daiwa tournament ? so, shimano prosurf > 250 vueltas ? @+, Thanks
  11. Thanks Miguel Pi ! Ok, i know Evia, vercelli is top-of-the-range of evia, so ! Have you tested too the Shimano Super Aero Technium 425 CX or BX ? Bite indication of this Shimano is similar as the Vercelli Spyra ? thanks !
  12. Thanks carmelo-comarruga ! Miguel Pi, i see you post a message with selling your 2 rods "vercelli spyra final (4.2 100-250g)", why you sell these rods ? do you know in which country, vercelli rods are making ? thanks !
  13. Thanks you very much Miguel Pi, i have the opportunity to have the model Spyra power LC (180-300g, 4.30m) with 230 euros new (460 euros is the price in france !!!) If you know too the model of shimano super aero technium, can we compare the vercelli spyra with this rods ? thanks !
  14. Thanks you Miguel Pi ! i understand for the language if you want you can to answer me in spanish, and after i traduce it with google have you adding information about this rods ? sensitivity ? perfomance cast ? 100 meter ? 150 meter ? more ? with which diameter of line ? which plombo ? and what is OTG cast ? thanks !
  15. Hi ! I m french and i decover this forum, it is very good ! I would like if you have one on these rods (cana) : -> Vercelli spyra power surf MN (4.30m 180-300g) -> Vercelli spyra power surf LC (4.30m 180-300g) -> Vercelli spyra final (4.25m 100-250g) Could you please describe this rods ? (action, sensibility, perfomance casting ? ) Thanks !
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